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AiM provides a comprehensive range of services to support the vehicle wholesale process, logistics process improvements for carriers, claims processing for vehicle transporters and floorplan audit services for vehicle lien holders. Our services can be categorized as follows in support of remarketing activities throughout the industry:

  • Inspections

    New and used car inspections verify the condition of vehicles. Timely, accurate, and consistent inspection and audit reports are crucial to managing inventories and the lifecycle of every vehicle.

  • Wholesale Floorplan Audits

    Providing asset verification for financial institutions for asset-backed monetary instruments, AiM confirms all vehicles are properly securitized.

  • Insurance Claims Management

    For carriers and vehicle transporters alike, AiM simplifies the process to ensure your claims are paid swiftly and correctly.

AiM’s Industry-leading customer service is facilitated through our web-based scheduling technologies and logistics systems that are integrated with our customer call center. This ensures top quality service and satisfaction. To learn more about how AiM can improve your business, please see below for details.

Products And Services

New Car Inspections

From the factory to the dealership, OEMs, transport carriers, and vehicle processing centers count on AiM to ensure that handling procedures are followed and vehicles arrive undamaged.

Audit & Compliance

Wholesale floorplan audits ensure your assets are fully accounted for. AiM conducts 800+ floorplan audits, verifies 125,000+ vehicles and evaluates portfolios totaling more than $26 billion dollars.

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