• New Car Inspections

To ensure your new vehicle is in pristine condition, AiM provides OEMs, marine carriers, port operators, rail and truck transporters, dealerships and ultimately, all end users with a detailed inspection report at every stage of a new vehicle’s journey to its first owner. As an independent service provider, AiM inspectors conduct inspections that guarantee consistent and accurate reports of a vehicle’s condition.

New Car Inspection Features

  • Damage Prevention Studies

    AiM conducts special “cause and effect” studies to identify problem areas in the transportation process that result in vehicle damage. These studies examine all processes in the transportation chain to determine how and when damage occurs and recommends preventive measures.

  • Damage Identification and Classification

    AiM conducts DIT (damage in transit) and MDR (major damage report) inspections to classify vehicles according to disposition categories. These categories determine if:

    • A repaired vehicle was sold as new
    • A repaired car must be sold as used
    • Or if a vehicle is beyond repair and must be destroyed

    For irreparable vehicles, AiM serves as “destruction witnesses” to collect verification data as required by law. DIT/MDR reports are crucial to quantify damage resulting from catastrophic events such as natural disasters or rail / marine accidents that damage large numbers of vehicles in a single incident.

  • Repair Verification, Insurance Estimates, Buybacks and Custom Studies

    AiM’s inspections provide repair verification, insurance estimates, validate “Lemon Law” buybacks and provide data for recall and/or custom studies based on a client’s unique specifications.

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