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AiM is at the forefront of technology breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the vehicle inspection industry. AiM uses web-based scheduling and logistics integrated with a customer call center to ensure inspector efficiency. AiM’s field based inspectors are equipped with Panasonic© Toughbook© tablet computers and 3G cellular capabilities. This state-of-the-art equipment allows clients to cut time from the inspection process, while reducing costs. AiM provides an independent, third-party vehicle evaluation that serves as the electronic equivalent of the vehicle itself and can be used as a bridge between buyers and sellers.

AiM inspectors are employees who use customized software to ensure vehicles and other properties are inspected to a single standard, regardless of location. We use digital imaging, electronic signature capabilities, and real-time, detailed reporting. Our assignment tracking software provides our clients with data analysis and reduce their reliance on outdated paper-based systems.

has developed it’s own unique and personalized business intelligence platform, called AiM Insights. Through AiM Insights customers are able to evaluate multiple data points, variable time periods and overall market performance on a real time basis. AiM can help you make the most of your selling experience by providing insights into buying patterns, evaluating the pricing and success by make, model, trim, vehicle condition, location and time-frame.

  • Drive Operational efficiency

    AiM‘s technology offers its customers the opportunity to monitor their inventory, while offering the seller insight on  the amount of units needed to sell on a month to month basis

  • Identify trends in your historical data

    Incorporating AiM‘s B.I. tool  and coinciding technology into an existing sales strategy helps you get the most money for your vehicles in a fast and efficient process.

  • Sustain successful business practices

    AiM‘s Technology allows it’s users to evaluate their selling strategies based on actual Marketplace results. 

AiM has developed MarketConnect, a multi-platform listing solution that provides exponential growth for the Online Wholesale Auction Industry. MarketConnect simplifies the sales process by providing access through a single platform into multiple Online Wholesale Marketplaces.

  • Improves sellers “success” rate

    Marketconnect improves sellers “success” rate by significantly expanding potential buyer base.

  • Increase buyers confidence

    AiM inspections and condition reports provide buyers with confidence in a vehicles condition and ultimately the vehicles transaction.

  • Drives out inefficiencies

    Marketconnect drives inefficiencies out of the wholesale automotive sales process by lowering sales channel and logistics costs to buyers and sellers.

  • Reduces days-to-sell

    Marketconnect reduces days-to-sell, thereby reducing depreciation and capital holding costs.

Learn How MarketConnect Works

AiM has also created a private, closed, trading platform marketplace called AiM Exchange for Sellers to connect directly with their Buyers or Buyer network. AiM Exchange provides exceptional benefits for both Buyers and Sellers who manage their purchasing decision through our proprietary platform. Just a few of the advantages of the AiM Exchange platform are as follows:

  • For Buyers

    • AiM Exchange offers improved access to your online inventory via a closed platform/model.
    • Reduce your transaction costs by selling direct from Seller to Buyer (no auction fees).
    • AiM has developed a closed platform to allow dealer groups to buy & sell vehicles between companies within its group.
  • For Sellers

    • AiMs Technology helps reduce time to wholesale vehicles, reducing depreciation and capital holding costs.
    • AiM Exchange increases sales volume, revenue, and helps to lower costs.
    • Improve your online buyer confidence using AiM‘s third-party inspections and resulting condition reports.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling in the remarketing industry, AiM has technology-based solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs.

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