• Dealership Used Car Inspections

For independent and franchise dealers needing to sell vehicles remotely or at auction, AiM inspections and condition reports provide confidence in the transaction. Now, both parties know the condition of a vehicle at a given point in time. The fact is that cars with independent inspections are more likely to sell, more quickly, and for more money.

To improve the sales process, AiM provides state-of-the-art electronic services for traditional “brick & mortar” auction houses and web-based auction enterprises.

For online vehicle transactions, AiM’s electronic inspections report the current condition of the vehicle. Our inspectors use custom software to ensure vehicles are evaluated to a single standard, regardless of location. AiM’s digital imaging, electronic signature capabilities, detailed reporting and assignment tracking software provide clients with real-time data analysis.

Dealers, consumers, buyers and sellers alike rely on AiM to make their purchasing decisions.

Dealership Used Car Inspection Features

Whether your dealership is selling a vehicle retail or wholesale, an AiM condition report will streamline the process, resulting in more money for you. AiM creates confidence in the transaction, resulting in more sales and profits for all.


    If you are selling your car retail, the AiM condition report ensures that your potential customer has piece-of-mind. If you are buying a vehicle from a remote location, then you know the condition of the car you are buying. Period. Regardless of what side you are on, AiM helps facilitate the sales process.

  • End-of-Lease Inspections

    Individual end-of-lease used vehicle inspections can be conducted at the owner’s home, business, dealership or any other location. AiM’s standardized inspections guarantee accurate reports that meet the needs of both buyers and sellers, with the independence to handle the requirements of both parties.


    AiM also provides repair verification, insurance estimates, validate “Lemon Law” buybacks and data for recall/custom studies based on client specifications.

Whether your dealership is buying or selling, AiM can makes it easier for you and your customers to conduct business.

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