Whether buying or selling a vehicle in the wholesale marketplace, AiM provides the perfect solution, MarketConnect. As the industry’s first and most effective proprietary online sales solution, consignors can now post to all three major online marketplaces simultaneously (OVE.com, ADESA.com and SmartAuctionLogin.com), utilizing live web feeds to manage sales without the risk of double sales.

This allows for more eyes on your cars, more bids and faster sales, resulting in more money for you!

Why Choose AiM and MarketConnect

AIM-WHY-CHOOSE-SQUARE-180x180AiM understands how critical independent inspections are to selling vehicles in the wholesale auction industry. Vehicles inspected by a third party are three times more likely to sell than a dealer disclosure or self-inspect, and sells in less than one-half the time (1.3 days) for vehicles without an inspection.

AiM inspections bring online credibility with VIN detail for pricing and valuation, giving sellers a more attractive and comprehensive listing and buyers an understanding of a vehicle’s current condition.

Inspections drive MarketConnect, so dealers can trust AiM to consistently provide accurate vehicle information no matter where the vehicle is located.

The Process

Simply go online and order as many vehicle inspections as you need.

AiM MarketConnect will simultaneously post your vehicle auctions.

At closing of the online auction, the highest bidder has purchased your vehicle!

Provide pricing on all of your units.

When an acceptable, real-time bid is received, the listing is removed from the other marketplaces.

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