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Our Commitment During COVID-19

To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

First and foremost, we here at Alliance Inspection Management would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of you as we navigate through these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has affected us all in many ways. We hope the impact on all of you is minimal, and recovery comes quickly.

At Alliance Inspection Management, the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is our top priority. We recognize the important role we play in providing the best independent 3rd party field inspection and wholesale floorplan audit services to all of our customers and an impact on our delivery could cause concerns for you. Therefore, we would like for you to know that we actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and taking the necessary steps to help keep our personnel and customers safe and to share with you our plans to keep our operations moving forward.

Aligning with Public Health Authorities

We have a team dedicated to monitoring the updates coming from our local, state, and national governments to help us remain on top of the events. We have designed and implemented a Business Continuity Plan for our corporate offices and field personnel to ensure the continuation of services. We are closely monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials, and government agencies on an ongoing basis to ensure our safety.

Protecting our Employees and Customers

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure and spread of the virus. In addition to the suggested preventive steps provided by the CDC and WHO, we have asked our field inspectors to limit physical contact when interacting with customers, client personnel, and dealership points of contact. Avoid handshakes as a means of welcome, and thank you. We have provided our field with resources to purchase and use disinfectant/antibacterial wipes and gels to keep themselves clean and prevent any spread of the disease. They are asked to frequently wipe down equipment such as keyboards, phones, and tablets and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – from customer homes and businesses to our stores and offices. We are partnering with manufacturers to source as many sanitizers and protective supplies as possible and are prioritizing distribution to our customer-facing locations. Additionally, we have protocols in place that activate closures, disinfection, and appropriate quarantine procedures based on recommendations by government and health agencies.

Assisting our Employees

We are in continuous communication with our employees, reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. If an employee feels ill, they have been told to stay home. We have specific quarantine and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19 or is asked to self-isolate by a public health authority. The safety, health, and well-being of our employees is the top priority, and we will provide the resources necessary to support them.

Our Commitment to our Customers

The role that our call center, corporate office, and national footprint of inspectors play in keeping people connected is incredibly important in times like these. We must remain in constant contact with our personnel to ensure they have the latest information on how to perform their duties. Today, we are continuing to perform our services while keeping the safety, health, and well-being of our people at the top of the list. Field personnel are instructed to UTC any assignment if we have been notified of any issue related to the exposure or contamination of the Coronavirus. Assignments will be statused appropriately, and our customers will be alerted and asked about the next steps. The demand for continued services is critical to our customers, and it is our goal to minimize the impact as best we can. Our culture has always been to “Deliver on the Promise” and we intend to do so without jeopardizing our customers and field personnel. We will continue to provide constant communication as well as adjust our contingency plans in order to ensure the continuity for you, our customers.

At AIM, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and health of our personnel, our customers, and the communities, but we will need your help. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we maneuver through these unchartered waters. As always, thank you for your dedication trust in AIM as we manage through this challenging time together.



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