• Dealership Inspections

AiM used car inspection services support traditional “brick and mortar” auction houses and online marketplaces, both of which are the industry’s mainstay for buying and selling off-lease and fleet vehicles. In a world of online vehicle transactions, AiM’s electronic inspection report in effect, becomes the electronic equivalent of the actual vehicle, itemizing the exact condition of a vehicle at a given time.

AiM inspectors use customized software to ensure vehicles are inspected to a single standard, regardless of location. We use digital imaging, electronic signature capabilities, and real-time, detailed reporting. Our assignment tracking software to provides clients with data analysis and reduces reliance on outdated paper-based systems.

Regardless of the sales method…traditional auction or online transaction…buyers rely on AiM’s consistent, accurate and complete vehicle inspection reports to make their purchasing decisions.

Dealership Inspection Features

For Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) captive finance sources and independent funding institutions alike, AiM provides services to verify the conditions of individual vehicles prior to disposition at auction. AiM can schedule and conduct inspections on a scheduled or as needed basis depending on the requirements of your customers. It is AiM’s ability to cover all of North America, along with our field of certified employee inspectors, which ensures that vehicle assessments and resulting condition reports are consistent from coast-to-coast.


    Many dealerships choose purchase off-lease units from consumers. To validate that lien holder institutions are getting full value for their assets, an AiM inspection confirms the condition so the vehicle is sold for maximum value.

  • End-of-Lease Inspections

    Regardless of where the inspection takes place…at the lessee’s home or business, the leasing dealership or any other third party location, AiM’s standardized inspections guarantee consistent and accurate reports that meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. AiM’s third-party inspection provides the independence to bridge the sometimes conflicting requirements of both sellers and buyers.

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