Launching AiM Inspect OVE Android App

Long Beach, California – AiM is excited to announce the national release of AiM Inspect OVE, a mobile app to help our field service managers (FSMs) conduct Manheim OVE outside the gate inspections. AiM Inspect OVE runs on Active smartphones. It replaces InspeXmobile and Toughbooks for conducting OVE outside the gate inspections. The app is part of our continual transition to next generation technology to power our inspection professionals and the industry.

Inspections from the new app receive an AutoGrade, generate an InSight CR and automatically post on Features of the app include built-in Capture functionality, integrated photo capabilities and a user-friendly flat car interface for entering damages. The new app is being rolled-out in waves. FSMs will receive information shortly on next steps.

We are launching AiM CRM OVE in parallel with the roll-out of the Android app. AiM CRM OVE is a web-based app to help our dispatchers manage OVE inspection requests. It replaces the existing CRM for managing OVE inspection requests. The web-app is the first version of a new tool-set for dispatchers aimed at efficiency and superior service for our customers.

“AiM is committed to working closely with its customers to meet their ongoing inspection needs,” said Jim Yates, CEO. “The apps represent the next generation of tools to deliver high quality, accurate and consistent inspections with the added value of having remarketing in mind. The new apps were built in close collaboration with customers, clients and inspection professionals.”

“We understand our customers’ needs for timely and accurate inspections that can contribute to downstream activities,” said Eric Widmer, SVP Sales. “This new generation of inspection tools is part of our commitment to continual improvement to serving our clients and customers’ needs and the inspection industry.”

AiM Inspect OVE and AiM CRM OVE are the most recent products developed and released as part of a large scale investment by AiM and its alliance partners in the future of the inspection industry and in inspection professionals.


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