AiM Debuts All New Wholesale Floor Plan Audit Platform

AiM Verify allows lenders to see dealership inventory even when an audit is underway

LONG BEACH, Calif. (Jan. 18, 2016) – Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) – a national independent third party inspection and floorplan auditing company – has developed and released AiM’s new proprietary wholesale floorplan system, AiM Verify, which allows automotive and finance institutions to mitigate risks associated with lending by providing customizable, accurate vehicle inventory audits for their dealership networks across the U.S. and Canada.

AiM developed AiM Verify to support its inventory reconciliation process based upon input from internal field staff auditors, management team and valued floor plan clients. AiM’s field staff is now equipped with the latest Android tablets featuring AiM Verify Mobile, a proprietary software designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of auditing.

“When developing the AiM Verify platform, we looked for ways that we could incorporate new technology to create a scalable model for wholesale vehicle floor plan audits,” said Jim Yates, chief executive officer and president at AiM. “By deploying new hardware and software to our auditors, we can provide a significant leap forward over what’s currently available in the market and continue to support the entire wholesale floor plan audit industry as a trusted third-party.”

AiM Verify customers will benefit from real-time, accurate reporting of on- and off-site inventory. The intuitive data capturing, dashboards and reports are easily customizable to suit the individual needs of each customer, and help minimize risks for companies in the automotive finance industry.

“Additionally, AiM Verify is being supported by our internal IT team, which allows for real-time support and quick reactions to our clients’ needs, ensuring confidence in our product, team and overall ability to manage risk,” added Yates.

AiM Verify is part of a growing suite of apps and technology tools developed by AiM as part of its mission to drive the success of our customers, field staff and the industry.

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About AiM

Founded in 2005, AiM (Alliance Inspection Management), an innovative North American automotive remarketing service organization, was established to provide the industry with standardized inspections from an independent, third-party company. Winner of the “Best Multiple Platform Provider” award for AiM MarketConnectTM, AiM is leading the industry with innovative technology solutions to deliver process driven accuracy, quality and efficiency. The company supports automotive manufacturers, rental fleet operators, dealers, auctions, finance companies and consumers by providing them with a suite of services including inspections, asset verifications, floor plan audits, claims processing and logistics process improvements. AiM’s national footprint of 1,500 full-time employees conduct more than 13 million inspections every year and more than 8,000 audits with excess of 1.9 million units. AiM is recognized as the trustworthy bridge between buyers and sellers. For more information, visit or

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